Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Break Survival for WOOT Moms

It's official: school is out and summer break has begun! You're either celebrating right now because you enjoy hot summer days at home with the kids, or more than likely you're dreading the days ahead and wondering how you're going to keep those hairs on your head from prematurely graying.
Last summer I signed my girls up in various sports clinics. My oldest daughter is capable of finding her own sources of entertainment during the summer but I still like to insist that she add some type of physical activity into the mix of her busy social agenda. My younger daughter on the other hand is one of those kids who cannot stand to stay indoors for more than a couple of hours at a time; I'm doomed if I don't have a busy schedule lined up for her.

Jade at tennis lessons on Kadena

Truthfully though, I don't always enjoy driving my kids from place to place, or sitting in uncomfortably hot weather while waiting for swimming or tennis lessons to be done with, but it beats having rebounding arguments with a seven year old who won't quit complaining. I'd rather give up my own plans and daily routine if it results in less whining, less arguing, and ultimately less stress. There are other positives too: I get to enjoy uninterrupted reading time while waiting for lessons to end, or socialize with other moms to break the monotony of being around "little people"  all day, and of course no one can argue that playing a sport isn't good for kids. But perhaps the greatest benefit is that my youngest daughter is usually too worn out to recognize the presence of boredom on those few occasions when we are sitting at home with no plans for the day.

Exhausted - woohoo, mission accomplished!
 Below are some summer sports activities you can enquire about:

1. Kadena Youth Sports is offering the following sports clinics:
  • Volleyball - Ages 9 and up
  • Baseball - Ages 5 to 12
  • Soccer - Ages 9 and up
  • The First Tee: 9 Core Values of Golf - Ages 8 and up
  • Cheer - Ages 5 and up
  • Ultimate Frisbee - Ages 9 and up
Registration for these clinics began on June 1st. Phone 634-1384 for further information.

Jade playing soccer - one of her favorite sports

Chantal at volleyball camp - hosted by Kadena High School

2. Kadena Youth Center is offering summer dance camps:
  • Ages 5-6
    20-24 June &
    27 June-1 July
  • Ages 7-18
    5-9 July &
    11-15 July
Registration for these camps has begun; phone 634-0500 for further information

Jade getting her hip hop on
 3.Both Kadena and MCCS Aquatics are offering swimming lessons this summer; registration for lessons can be done online at:

Jade patiently waiting for her turn on the dive board

4. Taiyo Golf Club is offering Junior Golf Clinics starting June 28th:

  • June 28 - July 1, July 12 - 15, July 26 -29, & August 2 - 5
  • Ages 5 - 9:  8 to 10am
  • Ages 10 - 17: 1 to 3pm
Ph. 622-2004 for further information or to sign up 

5. Kadena Tennis Center is offering summer tennis clinics:

$75 Adults and children ages 5 and older
  (10 one-hour sessions)
  • Class Schedules (Monday - Friday)
    Session I • 11 - 22 July
    Session II • 25 July - 5 August
    Session III • 8 - 19 August
Ph. 959-0675 for further information.

If you know of other sports our kids can participate in this summer please comment below. Oh, and in case you're wondering if I'm one of those moms who pushes my kid into doing a sport she does not enjoy, I can assure you that I'm not. Anyone who knows little Jade knows that she LOVES to try any sport - if it involves being outdoors and around other kids she'll be the first one in line saying, "Sign me up, I'm in!" And I'm usually right behind her with a pen in hand, breathing a huge sigh of relief.......


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