Friday, June 24, 2011

Get Your Running Skirts On

Last week I had a request from one of our WOOT members to write up a post on running skirts and more specifically, where to buy them. I have been running in skirts for a couple of years now but I must admit that my initial thoughts about them were somewhat cynical. I thought they were cute, but I couldn't see myself running in a skirt without feeling a little self-conscious. I'm glad however that I eventually gave in to peer pressure and tried one on, because the skirts I now own have become a favorite addition to my running wardrobe.

The following information is limited to what I believe are probably the top three running skirt brands, but I know some of you run in other brands so please comment below if you have a preference other than those listed:

1. - these are my personal favorites, mostly because they are extremely light and comfortable, and they seem to be flattering on most body types. also introduces new patterns and colors every season so there is always a wide range to choose from.

There are two main styles: RS (running skirt), and AS (athletic skirt). The RS skirts are made with a brief underneath, while the AS skirts are made with loose compression-type shorts underneath and a slightly longer inseam. I prefer the RS skirts as I don't like shorts rubbing against my legs, but the AS skirts seem to be more popular. Winter skirts are also available (these are made with capris underneath).

RS skirts cost $58; AS skirts cost $68; Capri skirts cost $72 - some styles are sold by and can be purchased at a lesser cost if you use our WOOT discount. used to sell their old stock at greatly reduced prices, but I have not seen any skirt sales recently - still, it might pay to check out their website from time to time (I bought several of my skirts at sale prices).

Spring/summer collection 2011

Spring/summer collection 2011

2. - this company is in direct competition with but sets itself apart by marketing a range of skirts suitable for multiple sports. It's difficult for me to comment on the comfort and fit of these skirts as I don't own one, but I have heard positive reports about them. Visit their website to view the great range of skirts they have available; skirt prices are between $42 and $90.

Marathon Girl Ultra

Girl Racer
3. - sells really cute, bright-colored running skirts (or skorts actually), and the prices seem to range between $40 and $60. I love the patterns and colors of Athleta skorts, but the skorts I have purchased in the past have felt heavier than my RS skirts and I personally like clothing and shoes that feel light. If you don't mind a slightly heavier fabric however, these skorts run a little cheaper and they are super cute.

Swift Zip Skort

Printed Chase Skort

Most major sports brands also sell their own range of sports or running skirts and occasionally you can find some cute Nike running skirts at the Risner Pro Sports Shop on Kadena, or alternatively, you can find a greater variety of Nike running skirts at the Nike stores located in most of the major shopping malls here in Okinawa.

For more online shopping options, here are some that I have used in the past (make sure you do a search for running skirts once you enter the site):

I know some of our WOOT ladies are running with skirt brands other than those listed above, so please leave a comment on what your favorite brand of running skirt is and where you bought it from - thank you!

Note: keep watching for a future post on running accessories

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  1. Jannine, thank you for a nice write up! I really appreciate it! The running skirt finally clicked for me- I always thought they were not for me and then one day I something clicked and I was ready for one...:) All of you WOOT-ers look so cute in your skirts!!!!!