Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mothers Day Tribute

By Anna Boom

Acknowledging our mothers and all that they do for us!

How are you celebrating this day? Whether you are mom, mom-to-be, have one you love dearly or all of the above, take a moment this Sunday and say thanks!

I am thankful that I had a mom who ran. When I think back on my childhood, I can see her out running in her little addidas in the days before sports bras, running skirts or compression socks. She was my first role model and taught me what it was to be stay in shape and that it was important she had her time too. Being my mom didn't mean she wasn't Etsuko, too.

Running gave her an outlet to work out the days worries through sweat and exhaling.­­ She also liked the solo time, no demands except what she placed on herself. The feeling of achievemnt by completing at least one goal that day.

I was lucky enough to complete a few Naha and Okinawa marathons and a few half marathons with her before she passed away very unexpectedly in an accident. Although we never finished together, we still enjoyed talking about our training plans, buying new running shoes, eating that wonderful recovery meal and celebrating a job well done.

There are many days when I want to go back to a summer Okinawan day and tell her, "Thank you for everything." Does everything cover it?

Thanks for all the days of waking up early to make sure we were ready for the day. Thanks for taking care of yourself so that even when your mommy guilt started to creep in, you were able to stay balanced. Thanks for staying in shape so that you had the energy to give your undivided attention. Thank you for one of my important life lessons: that life is unexpected and wonderful and full of joy and tears.

Yes, I guess everything will do. Thanks Mom, I miss you <3 <3 <3

By Jannine Myers

Taking a Little Time out on Mothers Day - this post was dug up from out of the archives but it's just as relevant this year as it was last year.

A couple of years ago I remember setting out on an early morning run and being startled by a car that accidentally hit the curb just ahead of me. I was startled obviously by the car being so close to me, but I was further surprised when the left rear hubcap flew off the wheel, and the driver, completely oblivious to what had just happened, continued driving his car without stopping to collect his runaway hubcap.

Sometimes I think we mothers are so busy fulfilling the various roles we play throughout each day, that we too unknowingly lose parts of ourselves along the way. The types of parts I believe we are prone to losing are not necessarily tangible parts, but parts that sustain our energy and overall well-being; such things as rest, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and being good to ourselves.

Like the driver who was able to continue driving his car without a hubcap, we also are capable of getting things done when we're overtired and run-down, but wouldn't it be better to take a little time to give up our regular responsibilities and focus for just a moment on taking care of ourselves?

Take today to sit back and enjoy what Mother's day is all about - be selfish for a change and spend the day doing whatever it is that you want to do, and that includes choosing whether some of that time is spent with or without your family.

Wishing you all a restful and happy mother's day!

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