Sunday, October 30, 2011

WOOP - Women on Okinawa Pavement

Post by Anna Boom

By now, most of you, or all of you, have heard that we have a new running group for women called WOOP.

One of our lovely WOOT members, Sarah Pevehouse, sent me a message asking if she could start a new group to help her continue her solid marathon training, while enlisting the help of other women runners. She thought there would be others of you out there, looking for partners to run during the week, on road, with or without strollers, maybe running sprints, or an easy 6-10+ miler or hitting the hills. What a fabulous idea! Many of us are training for the next race: Naha Marathon, Honolulu Marathon, Okinawa Marathon, and having a running peer there to meet you at 0500 is the motivation she was looking for. Heck, it is the motivation many of us need, including myself.

Sarah started posting WOOP events early last month and had a good first turn out. Since then she and some other wonderful ladies who joined WOOP, have been posting more frequent events in various locations.
If you are nervous about not being able to keep up or not being able to handle hills or not being able to go the distance, do not fret! Seriously, our new running group, just like WOOT, is not about belittling or embarrassing any woman. Part of our group running style is support. We will push and encourage you to go farther and faster, in a gentle way (except for Ivette; she is a killer ;)), and you will surprise yourself with how well you will do.

I hear it every single week and feel it myself. Just recently, for example, I had an easy 6 miler on my training schedule, and decided to join WOOP to run with them. My tummy was acting up a bit (might have something to do with the NZ apple and half pound of cherries I ate for lunch yesterday...and the Acai Berry cleanse probably didn't help either, come to think of it :)). I was thinking, oh man, what if I am too slow, what if I can't hang on...I set my alarm and did it anyway.

And I am so glad I did. Not only did the run fly by, I got the chance to catch up with some of the women I love to chat with and see some faces I haven't for awhile. My tummy is still grumbling but I got my run done so it can gurgle all it wants! (Note to remember, avoid Acai Berry cleanse before any longer runs you have planned.)
You've heard of and hopefully tried, Trails, but Pavement opens the door up to weekday runs too. WOOP-on my lovely friends!!

See you out running soon :)

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