Monday, October 17, 2011

Kinser Half - it's almost here ladies.....

Post contributed by Anna Boom

Last thoughts before the big day...

Are you all ready for your race? Think of the days, weeks, months you've spent training for this day and it is almost here!

If you are like me and most folks, you feel a combination of excitement, anxiety, anticipation and fear of failure. Here are some suggestions for calming your nerves and help you prep the details that do matter:

1) Trust your training. If you've followed a solid training plan, even with a hiccup or two (like a cold or minor injury) along the way, you will be in physical shape to tackle your goal.

2) Don't stop running. At the last cycle of training is taper but this is not the time to quit training. Just like it is properly named, your big, hard, long weeks are tapering down to the finale, Your Race!!

3) Take those strong beautiful legs out for a spin. Following my previous comment, you've created this awesome, amazing animal; don't keep her caged up. Either two days before or the day before, do a little smooth speed work. A good example would be if you are running a half marathon, go out and run 2 X 800s on the track. Keep it at about 10Km race pace or slower. And keep in mind, this is not your race so don't run like it is, just yet.

4) Organize your race outfit a day or two early, including running shoes. You will be unhappy on race day morning if you spend all your energy looking for your favorite running skirt, only to find it in the dirty clothes pile.

5) Maintain perspective. We are all out there running together experiencing the same weather, feelings, and course. Not a single one of your family, friends, or WOOT sistas will care if your time is 11 minutes slower than what you wanted. Every single one of us has had a bad day and will continue to support and run with you!

6) Start and stay positive. The cheerleader in me gets annoying, I know, but running happy shows on your face, posture and demeanor. Be cheerful to those around you and they will return the good vibes. If you begin to feel any negative bugs crawl in your thoughts, do as Ivette says and squash it! Do not pay attention to that stinky stuff; you can do it. How do you know that you can? Go back to point #1.

Have a great day out there :)


  1. Two words, "Wicked Awesome" on this post! Bam! Squash that ne ner ne ner bug like I literally did on my WOOT-T, squishy squish-- irony much???? Yeah got to admit this kinda got me pumped for my very first official half ever! Yeaaah boooooooeeey! (doin' the Jersey fist pump whaaaat?!!) "Pain is weakness leaving the body".Get some!!! Word. Thanks Anna and Jannine great tips, keep em comin'

  2. Thank you Anna for bringing me down off of my nerve crazed ride about the half being here! In the end, the important thing is that we have fun, support one another and remember... we're accomplishing more out here on the course than those couch potatoes!

    I really like #5 the most!