Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sayonara Audrey!

Post by Anna Boom

Three fabulous years together!

A few weeks back, Jannine wrote a glowing race report on our first Okuma half-marathon (thank you, again). In it, she mentioned this is our third year of WOOT.

Wow, three years! If this was my baby, it would be able to skip and gallop (along Spider trail) and dress herself (long socks and skirts!). Yes, we have created and developed a regular Saturday morning trail run with an amazing group of women.

We started with a small group of six or so and boomed into almost 500 with anywhere from five to twenty runners on any given Saturday morning. Thinking about the women I have had the pleasure of getting to know on our runs and have who since left our paradise are many: Kathleen, Amy, Tiffany, Steph, Andrea, Stephanie, Kirsten, Jeanne, Renata, Benita, Crystal, Jessi, Lisa...and so many more.

And now another lovely friend is leaving, Audrey Naini. You may know her if run with WOOP or live around Foster. She is the “Mom pushing the two boys in the stroller, rain, wind or shine”. Always loving and kind and moving forward.

Audrey with her Sayonara doll

The other evening, I had the pleasure of meeting her running friends for a farewell dinner. Almost every running woman there told of how inspiring Audrey was. In fact, Audrey was the reason many of them began to run too. It was touching and reminded me of why WOOT was started; for women to run with other women in a friendly, social, supportive environment. I have seen amazing friendships grow, had my own group of Best Running Friends grow and move away (how could you do that, y'all?!) all from our lil ole running group.

One of the really surprising aspects of our group is that some have moved on and others eventually will, yet we continue to support each other, and even meet for adventure (Napa Valley marathon, March 3rd!).

For Audrey, know that we will continue to support you and be your biggest cheerleaders! I know your running fan club will also stand behind and look for your continued success in life. 

All the Best in your next adventure! Come back in three years and run with WOOT/WOOP again. 
Mata (see you again in Japanese) ^_^

Anna and Audrey at our WOOT Half Marathon

Jannine and Audrey - an unofficial goodbye at a recent lunch together

Just echoing what Anna has said above, we wish you continued success with all of your goals, wherever you go, and hope that you will meet many wonderful new running friends. You touch everyone you meet with your genuine warmth and kindness, and I know you will be greatly missed by all of us who had the good fortune of meeting you. Take care, and safe travels Audrey!


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