Saturday, December 8, 2012

Post-Race Blues

Anna Boom

Choosing Your Next Goal

The race is done. You never thought you'd get to the final day, and then to the finish line and then you did it! And it felt amazing, didn't it? No matter what your time, or the weather, or any of the other hundred external influences, YOU DID IT!!

Congratulate yourself and take a huge amount of pride in you. Indulge in something you always wanted for a little while: maybe a relaxing massage, a long bath with bubbles and candles (without or with your spouse), a nice ice cream sundae, that new Coach bag, a pedicure. The list goes on and on.

You may find that once you've indulged, that you find yourself a little down, sort of depressed even. Do not panic; this is normal.

For those other moms out there, remember your baby blues? That time after delivery when you had done your best in planning and growing this beautiful little human for ten months, then went through a considerable amount of pain and effort for hopefully a short time, and then it was over. Racing is the same feeling. It is the Finisher's Blues. You may find yourself feeling a little lost, like what next? Your daily schedule was set up before to fit your runs in; your weekends were all mapped out for the past few months.

To get past the Finisher's Blues, take a nap when you can. Rest and drink lots of water, or tea or what tastes good. Then go for a walk or slow run with no goal or purpose, just to be outside. Leave the watch and Garmin at home. Take it out on trail if you can. Enjoy the feeling of being free from a training schedule for a little while. This is what goes into a good mental recovery. You need to relax and accept the break happily.

Then ask yourself, what is next?

Nago Half Marathon perhaps.......

Or the Ie Island Half Marathon maybe........

Whatever your next goal or race is, enjoy this period of recovery!

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