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WOOT Mid-Summer 100th-Celebration Gift Guide

Jannine Myers

It's the middle of summer ladies, and for those of you with school-aged children at home to entertain and keep busy, you're probably in need of some type of stress-relieving self-pampering. As runners, we've learned to run our way to calmer and happier lives, but every now again we need something a little more therapeutic, and what better way to achieve that than by going on a shopping spree and treating yourself to some running gifts! AND, what better way to celebrate our 100th blog post!

1. Nathan Intensity Women's Hydration Vest - $59.46 (with WOOT discount)

Since this is a summer gift guide, and staying well hydrated is a critical element of successful marathon training, this might just be a great little investment for those of you who are currently training for the Naha marathon and other half marathon races.

There are several features this vest offers which makes it particularly appealing:
  • It's designed specifically for women, with adjustable straps to make it nice and snug, and a padded back panel for comfort
  • It holds 2 liters (70oz.) water; perfect for those long runs.
  • My favorite feature, is that it has pockets on the front side of the vest, making it easy to grab gels, electrolyte tablets, and other energy snacks without having to stop and take the vest off.
  • Here is just one of several positive customer reviews:
The bladder is really easy to fill. I fill it first with ice cubes and then add 32oz of water. When I get done with my run I still have ice cold water to drink! Also I just discovered I can fit a "Silk Soy" chocolate mild in the pack too :) I'm really happy I got this pack and I will never use anything else. Plenty of room for iPhone,keys,money and ID. Get it!!!
From: Jen C., Chico, Ca, USA

2. Beyond Coastal Natural and Active Sunscreen SPF 30+

Shop their website now for a 25%-off one-time offer - when you sign up for their e-newsletter.

If you're someone who uses sunscreen protection daily (and you should be if you're out running most days), but you're also concerned about what type of active ingredients are used to make the various brands of sunscreen lotions, then Beyond Coastal suncare products might be for you. Here's an excerpt from their website:

Our Natural formulas are top rated by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They are packed with natural anti-oxidants and contain no harsh chemicals. Beyond Coastal Actives are fast absorbing, transparent, non-greasy formulas that won't sting your eyes. Developed with outdoor athletes in mind, they also contain natural anti-oxidants like Yerba Mate, Green Tea and Aloe. All Active formulas are Fragrance Free, Oil Free and Paraben Free.

3. Japanese Sports Candies - Kabaya Brand

Truthfully, I have no idea what these candies are made from, but when Anna introduced me to them, I was at a Family Mart the very next day looking for them. I usually consume Cliff Shot Bloks and Honey Stinger chews on my longer runs, but I can only eat them in the first stages of my run; the sweet and sugary taste tends to make me feel sick after the first hour and a half of running. These Japanese sport candies however, have more of a sweet and salty taste. They also dissolve quite easily in your mouth, so not a problem to eat while running. My only gripe about them, is that they come in individual wrappers which are hard to open, so I would suggest opening a few of them before heading out on your run, and dropping them into a small ziploc bag or one of those awesome little capsule dispensers that sell for just .50c on the Hammernutrition website:

4. Skratch Labs Hydration Mix - $19.95 for a pack of 20 single sticks

A great electrolyte drink which I've recently discovered, is Skratch Lab's "all-natural, no artificial-anything" drink mix. If you're familiar with "The Feedzone Cookbook," then you might be even more inclined to try this drink mix, since it was created by one of the authors, sport scientist Allen Lim. I particularly like the lemon/lime flavor, which is light and refreshing and easy on the stomach. Lim claims that many of the athletes who use this product feel better, perform better, and don't experience the bloating and stomach issues that they do with other sports or electrolyte drinks.

5. Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves - tie dye
I know we featured the Zensah leg sleeves in the Christmas Gift Guide, but with the new summer neon colors, I thought some of you might like to add a pair of neon argyle sleeves to your running wardrobe. Sold in either neon pink or lime green, you can get these at Amazon for $19.99.

6. Lululemon Pace Setter Skirt - $58 (other colors available)

This skirt is undeniably cute, and with it's lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, it makes for a great new addition to your collection of running skirts. The skirt has built-in shorts underneath, which have a sticky elastic on the hem to stop them rolling up while you're running. Notice also, the zipper pocket at the back of the skirt, which can hold two gel packets, or an ID card and key. At $58, it's not cheap, but it's comparable to other running skirt prices which makes it a little more justifiable if you decide to buy one.

Side note: I have seen this skirt on WOOT member Laranda Carnahan and it is super cute!

7. One More Mile Pregnant Runner V-Neck Tank - $23.99

With so many of our WOOT ladies expecting babies soon, I couldn't help but add this to our summer gift guide. The front of the tshirt says, "Running for 2," and the back says, "You've just been passed by a pregnant lady." This made me think of our awesome Jenny Nates, who recently ran a 5k at almost 6 months pregnant, and not only beat half the women on the course but also many of the male runners. I wish she had been wearing one of these tanks!

These are sold at, in five different colors.

8. Moving Comfort Sports Bras - various styles and prices (be sure to see the note below about our special WOOT discount),default,sc.html

I don't own any Moving Comfort sports bras but I've heard from several of my running friends, that they are quite superior when it comes to comfort and support. I know for many women who run, that finding a good sports bra is often more difficult than finding the right pair of shoes. So hopefully I've helped to solve the problem. One of the features I really liked when I went to the website, is that you can enter your bra size, the type of activity you need a bra for, and the style you prefer, and you'll be shown a variety of bras that meet your requirements. Check it out; it's worth it!

WOOT WOOT!!! MovingComfort have offered us a one-time 15% group discount on any items ordered from their website - that includes bras, tops, and bottoms. Watch our WOOT Facebook page for further details!

9. Oakley Custom Sunglasses - various styles and prices

Oakleys are not for everyone, especially if you're like me and horrible at taking care of sunglasses - but if you appreciate a good-quality pair of sport sunglasses and don't mind spending a little extra, then you might want to check these out. If you go to the Oakley website, you have the option of selecting a pair of sport sunglasses and then customizing them to your liking. You get to choose the shape and color of two sets of lenses, the color of the icon and ear socks, and you can even have your initials or any text of your choice, etched into the corner of one of the lenses. I've seen a pair of custom Oakleys on both Anna and Andrea and they look great! But aside from looks, they have been specifically designed with the female athlete in mind and consequently provide great durability, the ability to increase grip as you perspire more, and of course, optimal UV protection.

10. And finally, our latest WOOT items:

  • Your very own WOOT Running Log - $10

If you're anything like me, then you would probably enjoy logging your training runs and recording your progress. I like to plan my training runs and routes at least a week in advance, and sometimes months in advance if I'm preparing for a race. Our WOOT running logs will enable you to write up your planned runs - the distances and routes you intend to run each week, and then after each run you can record your time and pace and any details that might be worth making note of. I encourage my clients to keep notes of their runs so that they can start to recognize patterns in their training and how certain factors affect their runs.

  • WOOT Headband made by Bondiband - $12
From the Bondiband website - so you can see the width and size of the headbands

This is what our headbands will look like; plus also available in the same magenta color, but on white headband

Some of you may remember the bondibands from our last group order, but this time we have custom-ordered our very own WOOT headbands in black or white, with magenta ink. Those of you who know our lovely WOOT member, Crystal Brooks, would have seen her on many WOOT runs sporting a cute bondiband, and thanks to her, we learned that it was possible to custom-order headbands and hats - so thank you Crystal! By the way, these will also fit younger girls (from age 6 and up), so if you have an aspiring young female WOOTer in your family, you may want to consider buying a headband for her too.

Don't delay in sending us your orders as we have a limited supply of both the running logs and headbands.

Happy Shopping Ladies!!!

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