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The 2011 WOOT Christmas Gift Guide

Post by Jannine Myers

If you google " Holiday Gift Guide For Runners," you will inevitably find several websites that have published a list of gift recommendations for runners. I love checking out lists such as these, not because I want to get online and start buying everything that's listed, but because every now and again I come across a clothing or accessory item that might actually become one of my favorites.

With that in mind, I decided to enlist the help of some fellow WOOT gals and compile a list of running essentials and favorites that might help you find that "special" item too. But first, here's a little piece of advice - if you do happen to see something you like, I suggest that you do one of two things: a) leave your laptop screen open on the page of the item you like, and then position your laptop where it might "accidentally" be viewed  or b) write down the name and details of the item with a memo that says, "Add to Wishlist," and then leave the note lying around where a certain significant other might just stumble upon it. I'm just saying.......

Getting back to the list, here is our 2011 WOOT Christmas Gift Guide:

1. Running skirts are of course a running girl's best friend, especially if you're a WOOT girl. In the summer months you've seen us sporting skirts from Runningskirts, SportSkirts, and Nike. With the colder months approaching, there's no reason why we still can't get out there in skirts - here are a few great running skirts with longer capri and even ankle length tights underneath:

Nike Womens On The Go Skirt - $65

Under Armour Womens Skapri - $65

RunningSkirts Subzero skirts - $88

Runningskirts Capri Skirts - $72

2. Hats - we ALL love our hats, well most of us anyway. Here's a couple you might like: the first one is a favorite of one of our original WOOT members, Tiffany Powell - the Lululemon Womens Speedy Run Hat - $32. See the little zip pocket on the side? It's just large enough to tuck your car key or door key into - so convenient!

The second hat is from Bondiband; all of their hats and headbands are made from a special wicking fabric that absorbs sweat and keeps you dry.
Bondi Wicking Ponytail Hats - $20

3. Now that it's starting to get cooler, it's time to lose the larger hydration packs and multiple-bottle fuel belts, and slim down to the smaller handheld single bottles. Anna Boom and Karla Armes both like the Amphipod Hydraform Handheld 20oz. bottle ($17.95); it comes with a handy storage pouch that can hold a key, ID, and a gel packet.

4. While out running with a good friend recently, I was feeling a little chilled and my friend was kind enough to give up his arm sleeves so I could get warm. Since I already own several pairs of arm sleeves, I had an expectation of what the borrowed pair would feel like, but I was pleasantly surprised by how incredibly warm and comfortable these particular ones felt (these will be going on my wishlist for sure - thank you Mark Busam): Mizuno Breath Thermal Arm Sleeves (and Gloves) - $23.95

5. I'm pretty sure you're all moving on now from the compression sock and calf sleeve craze, but let me throw out one final pitch: Zensah Calf Sleeves ($40 pair) feel absolutely wonderful after a long run or a half or full marathon; I wear them for recovery all the time and they are super comfortable, not to mention cute. They also come in various colors, including pink, red, orange, and bright yellow. Oh, and they were also voted "Runners World Best Gear."

6. Winter thermal and wool apparel doesn't seem necessary here in Okinawa, but some of us (ahem, girls like me), feel the cold more than others and really do need to layer up in warmer running clothes. Josaline Curry recommends Nike's range of cold weather gear: here's a couple of their items:

Nike Element Thermal Pant ($65) - these are a relaxed fit made from a thicker fabric to really protect you from the cold.

Nike Wool Dri-FIT Half Zip ($80) - made from a blend of wool and moisture-wicking Dry-FIT fabric, to keep you both warm and dry.

7. If my feet are cold, the rest of my body feels cold! I was introduced to the Balega range of socks last winter and love them! Made from Merino Wool ($12), they are warm and comfortable:
Balega Merino Enduro Quarter Socks

8. And last but not least, our very own WOOT TShirts and Tote Bags. Bet you didn't notice this before, but our WOOT models share the same pose (think they might be related??)

Not being biased (okay, maybe just a little) - but every female in my family (that would be three), owns one of these super cute tshirts. At only $15 each, you could easily add one to your wardrobe too :)

As for the Tote Bags below, they are also a must-have ($15). Okay, not necessarily a "must-have," but they are cute aren't they!

There's no link for the WOOT TShirts and Tote Bags, but come to our WOOT run and Christmas Gift Exchange this weekend, and you can buy or order these from Anna and I :)

Happy shopping girls! And don't forget to use the WOOT discount codes if you make purchases from and

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